Custom Thumbnail-is it possible?

I want to know if there is a way to make a custom thumbnail and add that in. I could not find that in help.
It seems they give you just 3 options. What if I want something different? Can I upload that?

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If you go to your exported video, there is an option to change the thumbnail.


You can also put the blue position indicator on the frame you wish to have as a thumbnail and save your project. Then go to Finish. It should give you the frame you selected as a thumbnail option. You may have to try this process multiple times but it usually works by the 3rd try.


I am glad to see that someone else noted that it takes around 3 times of saving on the image you want for a thumbnail because that’s what I demonstrate to my students.

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I’m trying that but it’s not “sticking” after I select the new thumbnail. Am I missing something?